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Czetec Ltd. offers quality, reliability, professional approach and delivery accuracy. We draw on the experience of charged for almost 15 years exposure in engineering in the Czech Republic and the nearly 50-year history of manufacturing in Germany.

Czetec Company Ltd. is not only part of the manufacturer, but we in close cooperation with the customer to look for specific solutions to problems. We thus producing hydraulic components from projections of individual components to the production of complete units.

The products are manufactured based on drawings supplied by the customer or according to hydraulic diagram, or on the basis of consultation and customer demand.

The basic material for the production of these components are most commonly used aluminum alloys, steel and gray cast iron. All these products are prepared in a standard surface firms meeting strict ISO standards and equipped with fully automatic lines.

Examples of surface treatment standard conducted on our parts:

Aluminium alloys: Anodizing without pickling (various colors), Passivation Surtec 650 (colorless)

Steel and gray cast iron: Yellow passivation Cr6+, Thin-layer passivation Cr3+, Thick-layer passivation Cr3+, blackening (alkaline oxidation), galvanizing Fe/Zn

According to customer request we can also provide other surface treatment.


We also provide installation and assembly of hydraulic components, including their testing.

We provide installation of supplied parts according to customer's requirement.


Comprehensive service to take care of your wishes by providing materials to the final product.

  • We will work as your own material or provide material
  • Whacking material to the desired length
  • Machining
  • We will check
  • Deburred both mechanically and machine technology using thermal deburring
  • Polish
  • Surface adjust
  • Assemble at our newly opened assembly
  • We test and check the functionality of each product

We provide transportation to your designated place of delivery in a very short time using contract carriers, which we have carefully selected.

We hope that these points convince you that we are the right partner in the field of hydraulics and mechanical engineering, for mutual and long-term cooperation with your company.