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Hydraulic blocks according to customer specification

Czetec Company Ltd. specializes in manufacturing hydraulic units, hydraulic valves according to customer specifications from entering, hydraulic diagram for the production drawing. We produce hydraulic blocks of these materials, course delivery certification:

  • GG25
  • GGG40
  • 11SMnPb+30C
  • Aluminium EN-AW-2007
  • Aluminium EN-AW-2011
  • Aluminium EN AW-5083
  • Aluminium EN-AW-7075

We also offer hydraulic blocks and finishes:

  • Thin-layer passivation Cr3+, Thick-layer passivation Cr3+, yellow chromate Cr6+, blackening (alkaline oxidation), galvanizing Fe/Zn
  • Anodizing various colors, passivation of aluminum Surtec 650

Czetec Company Ltd. is ready to meet customer requirements and use different materials and finishes.